Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warmth and Softness

I'm feeling the need for comfort this afternoon and nothing does it for me like wool.

Looking at it ....

Fairy Mobile by Nature Child

Gnome Lakefront Estate by Haddy2Dogs

and wearing it...

my toasty toes in Padraig slippers

Sending warm cozy thoughts to all :)


Nicole Spring said...

yay the mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That's all so delightful. Gives me warm fuzzies :-) My feet are ALWAYS cold. DS has had 2 pairs of Padraig's. I'm still hoping they'll make a vegan version :-)

Jenne said...

LOL! I have the rainbow Padraigs and all my kids have them as well (various colors)!

Anonymous said...

I love my Padraigs...I have the rainbow ones, they are totally worn out after three years of use, but I just keep wearing them :-)

Tan Family said...

I love the pictures! Wonderful blog.

Marina said...

Welcome, thanks for visiting Jennifer!

Padraigs are just too yummy- they keep my feet warmer than any other slipper I've tried. I should have known, Jenne and Tahara that you guys would have them too :).

Annie said...

Oh my goodness-- that mobile is soooooo beautiful -- I want one over my desk!! beautiful!

naturechild said...

Hello Marina!

This is Mark writing. I am Liane's husband and do the administration of her weblog http://www.naturechild.net

I've just sent this comment to the wrong post :-) (two posts above)

Thank you for mention her and her work!

Would it be possible, that you change the links to the naturechild-etsy-shop?

Liane will close the old shop, soon. And all of your links leading to Liane's site will be dead then.

So it would be nice if your links could lead either to http://bynaturechild.etsy.com or http://shop.naturechild.net

Thank you for your attention and
have a nice day