Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh yeah, baby

Isn't that picture AWESOME??? Aunt Elisabeth let me borrow one of her knitting books and it had this fabulous photo in it. (The book for those of you who are interested is Sunset Knitting Techniques and Projects circa 1978). The dude's sweater actually says "Birds Fly Over The Rainbow" and he's rockin' it hard.

Yes, I finally did get signed on to Ravelry... yay! Thanks to everyone who offered to be my friend there so I don't feel like a total loser :). I could spend hours there, like I need ANOTHER internet addiction *insert eyeball roll*. It's like Facebook, another time sucking vortex I have to be careful about. I've been chasing the kids around so much these past few weeks that when I went to cast on for a new project (a scarf, nothing to get too excited about it), I realized that I couldn't do it at all, so I pulled out this handy book. I love that styles change but the directions on how to cast on are still the same then as they are today!

So I'm going to get my groove on this weekend and get those needles clicking again....

What are you, my dear friends, doing?


Rebecca said...

Hehe... I think my DH *needs* that rainbow sweater.

I'm Rorysmama on Ravelry, Although I've not updated it since I joined-- need to do that i guess.

Next up,knitting wise, for me is the mate to the baby leg I knit up for Aurora in November(!) and then these
for a friend who just had a 10.5 lb baby!

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Rainbow Woman! :-) I'm putting my knitting needles away for a while, and considering embroidery needles instead. We'll see how it goes. I'd LOVE a ravelry invite, though :-)

Nicole said...

Holy shit - the one in the middle is a MAN?!

Jenna aka Town&Country Mouse, formerly Citygirl said...

LOL! Loving the rainbow vibes.
I am new to knitting and trying my first real project (other than purses big and small)... a doll.
I will need lots of encouragement along the journey!
Clickty clack!

Rose said...

I think the one in the middle is a tall woman. Feminine face, no?

atouria aka mamavegan said...

Nice find. :) I'm working on a toadstool rattle for my baby boy's first easter basket.

RunninL8 said...

Learning how to cast on! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Ga-Roovey sweaters, man! I really dig the rainbow one!!!