Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WIP Wednesday

A few weeks ago I joined a group called WIP Wednesday (WIP= Work In Progress) where people share their latest craft projects (Thanks Shellyfish for hosting this and Jumbleberry Jam for introducing me!). I love seeing what other people are working on and it inspires and motivates me to make time to feed my creative needs... so *knock on wood* I will try to do this every week :)

This is my latest project. Honestly, I'm not sure what this is going to be. I bought this yummy yarn the same week that I learned to knit months ago and picked it up again recently to use for practice. Because I am doing a simple knit and purl, the piece is curving inward (if that makes any sense) so it's a little cock-eyed for a scarf. I haven't learned how to increase and decrease yet, I'm just going back and forth 25 stitches (or so). I've fallen in love with this colorway- Ocean by Noro- and I'd like to buy more, but have to figure out what to do with it before I can justify the purchase. After a fitful beginning trying to relearn how to cast on again, I've finally picked up the groove and rhythm of knitting and am totally addicted! So I'm going to keep knitting this little piece until I get to the end of the ball of yarn and hope for some inspiration for it's use. Right now I'm thinking that's almost a good width and length for a toddler sweater sleeve and I can use a solid color for the body and piece it all together... so my experienced knitting gurus, what sayeth you... is it possible?

Clicking happily away...

xoxo, Marina :)


Jen said...

Free-form sweater? You're a goddess. I'm the wimp who (almost) always sticks with a pattern.

One thing to keep in mind with sleeves is that there is usually shaping for the arm whole and the wrist.

Not knowing your dimensions, I'd say, go for a hat. Maybe one of those cute square hats, like "geometric helmet hat" on ravelry. Or what about a pillow?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I make my long rectangles into play mats for gnomes and least one new one per season. You inspire me. Hmmmm....where did I pack those knitting needles??

Nicole said...

ok let me say a big YIPEEEEE!!! i'm so excited to see your knitting!!! <3 <3 someday we'll have a knitting day out together!

as for the sleeves, i'm not sure if that would work b/c of the increases/decreases needed from top to bottom of sleeves, but perhaps it could work! i'll leave that up to someone more experienced to answer :p

but i bet you could add ribbing to one end (k2,p2-repeat to end) for a few rows and they could be legwarmer type things but they would just be wider, almost pant like. umm... or you could make them into squares or rectangles then seam them together for blanket or pillow... oh the possibilities!!

i'm so happy for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is yummy yarn! I'm so envious of you talented knitters!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness -- that is stunning yarn.... so beautiful!!

No idea what to suggest you do with it...

I wonder about your curving -- I wonder if that's just a tension issue that will work itself out with more practice... but I'm really not sure, obviously. My sister has worn a scarf that is knit only (not even purl) for years and years -- I say you can totally use it as a scarf!