Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WIP Wednesday- Royal Gifts

My crafting time the past few weeks has been used doing one of my favorite things- making gifts for children. Admittedly, it's usually around 2AM the night before the child's birthday party... but who's complaining? I'm happy to take the quiet time that I can to meditate with my hands and create something special for the child in mind.

It occurred to me that I never posted photos of Matteo's birthday crown (the only craft that got completed during that crazy time), but here it is...
...and bless his heart, he loved it more than the gorgeous felted crown that I had bought for him on Etsy :).

Matteo had a special friend at school last year, a wonderful little girl who I will call "M". Her Baba had mentioned to me that M had commented on Matteo's "dreamy brown eyes" during dance class and I had already been in LOVE with M's sweet nature that we decided on the spot to pre-arrange their marriage (JUST KIDDING!... kind of). ANYWAY, it was M's birthday recently and she had mentioned to me that purple and red were her favorite colors... so I had to make a crown befitting such a lovely potential daughter-in-law (ok, I'll stop)

...Can I just share this photo of the two of them? At party last summer, her Baba and I were trying to get a photo of them together and when asked to smile, we were met with the following responses:

"I'm eating"
"I want to play"

This picture just makes me giggle

A few months ago, I made a really truly wonderful friend, Nicola. We had initially met on our local parents network when she so kindly took a play structure off of my hands. I fell in love with her daughter, Lala who is 5 and hoped that we could get together again. Life being as it is, we didn't cross paths until months later when I realized that a parent/friend from Matteo's preschool is good friends with Nicola and thus a friendship was born. Nicola writes a wonderful blog about natural living, motherhood and frugality and it's been truly a treat to have a blogging friend who is also a friend that I see regularly (we always seem to be at the same yard sales :D). She is also my hero as she actually gets PAID for her writing, as she does a column for the Examiner on Frugality.

We were honored to be invited to Lala and her brother, Finn's birthday party last weekend and I was so excited to have the chance to make the Princess and Pea set that I had seen in so many wonderful blogs!

I used a "previously loved" Plan Toys Farmhouse girl and gave her a makeover by unbraiding her hair and making a new outfit for her with felt and some trim

Used the rest of my Good Folks stash and felted a pea...

I am slowly, but surely, getting back into the swing of things... starting to think about holiday gifts, a few more swaps to catch up on, and my adorable boys- Nico and Luca's- birthdays coming up in November...

So glad to be back WIP' ing (sounds naughty doesn't it ;}?)!
Thanks so much for joining me!


Simple Mama said...

Such lovely, wonderful gifts. The Princess and the Pea is beautiful!

nicola said...

the princess and the pea set IS AMAZING. you are so sweet to say all those nice things (thanks for the plug. i know you know i would read it!). the feeling is mutual! i am so glad you showed it off on your blog. i am a little shy about singling out gifts on mine. your creativity, handmade skills, and recycling were SO appreciated!
ps. i LOVE your crowns. i have been making them as birthday gifts this year and they have all been SO simple, because i wanted them all similar to lala and finn's, which were my first and therefore simple.

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Of course he'd love the mama made one even more <3 <3 As do I!
Home made is the best! I'm going to e-mail you tonight as long as Ciara sleeps ahhhhhhh!!! XOXO

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I love the crown you made for Matteo, very cute!
I have never regretted staying up until 2 in the morning to sew. I try not to do it too often, but sometimes it must be done :)

I have been thinking of doing the princess and the pea set for my girls. The mattresses would most likely be used as beds for for all their "people" though. They sure do have a lot of "people", big families!

Hoping to join the WIP Wednesday soon too.

And Happy Autumn to you and your family!

Nicole said...

what a beautiful mama you are making such beautiful things for these sweet children! There is nothing quite like mama-made! many warm wishes to you!

Lisa said...

Great dolly makeover! Love her bed, I need to check that idea out. What fun!


cat said...

love you dear! and love all the projects! your crowns inspired me to finish up xi's every amidst our own chaos around here..;)


oh, and thank you for the most lovely and heart-warming email last week...really made my day. so much love going your way!

RunninL8 said...

Wonderfdul gifts! I think I can incorporate the Princess and the Pea story into toys we already have-but I'll need to make the matresses. Thanks for sharing and the great idea!

micha said...

Wow, the princess and the pea looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

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