Tuesday, January 22, 2013

P52: Week 4/52- Winter Macro

My oldest finally lost his second front tooth.  I have to admit I was a horrible mother about it.  The tooth had been sitting there, barely hanging on, all cockeyed and uneven- looking like those fake bad teeth that people wear during Halloween.  I have to admit, when my darling boy smiled at me... I *shuddered* inwardly.  I think it was a relief to him as well that it had come out, he had been having trouble eating with the loose tooth.  Though now he has difficulty saying words that start with a "th". When he expressing his gratitude, it comes out adorably as "fank you".

This week's theme was macro, which is the idea of shooting things close-up.  There are special lenses that do shoot macro, but for lack of one, I used my 50mm f/1.4 lens.  I do love the sharpness and the lovely depth of field it offers. Nothing better for shooting a little boy's front tooth

Fank you and have a great week :)

*Next up is Megan Lee of Amber Decadence Photography. Megan is a natural light, modern lifestyle and portrait photographer specializing in children and families. Amber Decadence Photography is based in Singapore.  Please CLICK HERE to see her beautiful take on this week's theme.