Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A New Beginning

After many fits and starts, I've decided to try my hand at blogging again. My inaugural post is just about my favorite people... my incredible husband Ivan and my lovely boys, Matteo and Nico. They fill my life with so many challenges, but also with so much love and joy. I never thought being a wife and mother could be so amazing.

Here are my loves at Tilden Park.


Jen said...

You've got the cutest family! And it's about to cuter!

I'll be following along with your blog. It's so nice to be connected, even when we thousands of miles apart. xoxo.

ivan said...

My sweet amazing wife... The boys are so full of wonder and joy. I see more of you in them with each passing day.

Marina said...

Jen~ thanks so much! I LOVE reading about your life back in the Midwest. I am so glad we're still connected as well! {{hugs}}

Ivan- you rock my world xoxo