Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Magical Getaway

Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes for our getaway to Ivan's grandparent's home near Mendocino! It was a much needed, truly magical visit. Ivan's grandparents are incredibly lovely, charming people who live up the coast on beautiful land with apple orchards, a forest and even a small pond! It was so wonderful to have the boys spend time with their great grandparents and be able to run around free in such an amazing environment. I can't really describe in words what a lovely visit we had, so I hope my photo journal will suffice...

Come sit a spell, there's lavender planted along the front porch

Grandmother's lovely garden

The birds that joined us outside the window at breakfast

Every visit we look forward to the treat of Grandmother's homemade jam

Walks in the woods

Nico looks for frogs at the pond

Matteo takes a break on our hike

The boys asked if they could have a tractor like their Great Grandpapa's

We visited Navarro Winery for a tasting party. Ivan and I had served Navarro wines at our wedding, so it was a special visit for us.

Nico in the barrel room,it looks like he's trying to get a taste of his own :)

We went to Mendocino Beach, collected driftwood

...and rocks

This was Luca's first visit to the ocean, he liked sand

Matteo thought the water was cold

It warmed up eventually so Nico took his pants off and jumped right in

I love this picture of Ivan and Luca. Ivan has this blissful look while Luca looks like he is laughing and saying "he's like putty in my hands!"
... actually sweetheart, we all are :)

Matteo also enjoyed taking pictures on this trip. He took this photo of his great grandfather.

a gorgeous carved driftwood bowl, my wonderful husband gave me this weekend

So here are some apples I brought back to share with you all :)

Thanks for accompanying us in spirit!


nicola said...

those are STUNNING photographs, marina! THAT is where i want to live! your boys are so sweet and so photogenic! i am so glad it was a refreshing trip for you.

Jen said...

It looks idyllic! And your photos are gorgeous!

sam said...

What a perfect weekend getaway - how magnificent! You are so fortunate to have this paradise to visit. Love the pictures of the boys, too.

cat said...

i love those photos!!! the boys look so beautiful and matteo's picture of his g.g. is just stunning! wonderful!! :)


Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

matteo is a budding photographer! ok...can i live there? forget oregon, thats my dream home!! thank you for sharing your wonderful weekend!! did you get some knitting done?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, sweet friend! What a lovely time! Thank you so much for sharing!! That photo Matteo took is GORGEOUS! And that bowl! What a dear Ivan is! Nico - he's soooo tall, now! I've notice DS has had a growth spurt, too. DH will be in SF tomorrow. I tried to get him to drop by and say hello, but the stress of job interviewing makes it hard for him to feel like imposing (yet again) on your kindness. Sadly, he's just visiting an office there. He'll be working at their Seattle location. Anyway, I'm THRILLED that you had such a lovely time. And next time...seriously, we'll meet you there! :0)

renee said...

Yes, I would say your photos definitely suffice. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful weekend! I do love the Mendocino area! It is perfect! And your photos tell such a beautiful story!!

miri said...

oh my god that bowl. i am so jealous!!
gorgeous photos, & yay for wanting a tractor, that's a really sweet wish. <3

suzanne said...

Hello Marina

I just love finding new lives to follow and learn from. Your getaway looked heavenly. What a lovely part of the World.

Have a wonderful day
Warm regards

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, Marina!!
Like a sweet sigh.

gardenmama said...

Your children are beautiful Marina : )
What a gorgeous get away, your photos brought me right there with you. I like the things you appreciate, many treasured memories have been brought back with you I am sure.

Lisa said...

How wonderful that your boys know their great grandparents. It melts my heart when we travel down to Va. to visit my grandparents and my youngest is happily sitting in her 87yo great grandfather's lap. It's so beautiful!

Lovely photos.
lisa :)

Anonymous said...

i loved the photos so much, especially 'Grandmother's lovely Garden.' The picture is stunning. It looks like you will have a lot of wonderful memories from your trip.