Friday, October 2, 2009

Inspiration Circle

I started knitting again!

I received this email earlier this week sent by one of the mothers from the boys preschool ...

Hi all you crafty and would be craftster mamas,

Who is up for a casual morning craft together at my house? I am talking
this week, Friday morning after drop off. Anyone want to knit/spin/embroider or make stuff with me for a couple of hours before we pick our kids up? There will be tea and coffee and some kind of croissanty thing. I also promise breakfast crumbs on the floor, general clutter and probably an abundance of cat hair. I'm totally going to ignore it all and I hope everyone else will too, isn't this the essence of crafting? Not cleaning your house so you can make out with your yarn/fabric stash. You know what I'm talking about.

Now really, who wouldn't jump at the chance for a gathering like this??!! So this morning, The Bean and I headed over to the Amazing Andrea's home for some communion with other crafty mamas. I don't think there are enough words to express how inspired and energized I was to spend time with other mothers who nurture their souls through crafting. I wanted to share some photos of the morning and of the lovely home Andrea has created...

Andrea drop spindles

The promised croissanty things and tea

Emanuela shows her socks in progress

The spinning wheel I covet... never mind that I don't know how to spin

Namja and her grandmother's beautiful craft bag

Courtney cuts her son's Halloween costume

Yay! Deanna learns to knit!

Sandra shows off the gorgeous felted lotus she made for our hostess

Kay breathes new life into her daughter's T-shirt

Andrea's home was such a warm, inviting space to create in and she graciously allowed me to take a few pictures to share...

Nature table


I was tickled that her boys turned the Ostheimer farmhouse into a firehouse (Daddy is a firefighter)

It was truly a magical morning with old and new friends. Too often I spend too much time in my own head, crafting by myself at midnight. It was incredibly enriching to spend time with others working with our hands, learning new skills and getting encouragement . My wish is for all crafty mamas to have their own circle of inspiration too!

Thank you Andrea and friends for such a wonderful morning!


Simple Mama said...

What a lovely morning! That felted lotus flower is amazing. Are many of your friends Waldorf mamas?

nicola said...

oh, awesome! i am envious!!
look at all that creativity packed into one house full of women! just what you needed. :)
happy weekend, marina.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh, what a wonderful morning for you!

How else are you going to learn to spin unless you get a spinning wheel?

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Wow, you were right, it was amazing! I am so happy you go to go! I hope to find something similar here. My fav fiber shop has get togetehrs but they are at night..and well you know how hard it is for a mama to get away at night!
Keep that knitting going!! <3 emailing you now...

cat said...

oh man...can i be jealous? hahah looks like you had a great time! what a wonderful invitation and a wonderful circle to form...


Rhiann said...

Pea green over here!

How come all the cool mamas are on the OTHER side of the tunnel!

Breaking my lurking spell because of this fantastic post! Glad you had fun..


Andrea said...

You rock Marina. I really appreciate how you edited out all the clutter! I am forever in love with you for this alone. Thanks for coming and making my morning great! We'll have to see who can make it for the Friday after next. It was tons of fun and you make it all look so pretty too, I love visiting you here and IRL.

Tan Family said...

Wow! What a wonderful way to spend your day. Sounds like pure bliss. Yes, you should definitely learn to spin! It's very therapeutic, once you get the hang of it. :) I love Andrea's blog, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a morning! How lucky that you can meet like minded people like that for such a wonderful morning! How much do I want that beautiful Craft bag????
It is beautiful!

Jen said...

Color me envious! I'd love to find a crafty mama group in my area. Guess I'll just have to start my own.

Any idea where I can get the pattern for the lotus flower? J'adore!

Nicole said...

*sigh*... oh, Marina! This looks absolutely incredible! Crafty mamas gathering together, you are a lucky girl! How lovely to be around this creativity, what better an environment to be in to learn to spin! I love seeing your friends gorgeous felted flower, I make them on bags that I make! : ) And your knitting and color choice is beautiful! Enjoy your time xo

Anonymous said...

i can only imagine how inspiring it was being in the same room with so many creative talents...i mean, geesh, i am inspired just looking at the photos.

what fun, sigh. thanks for sharing.

how's your knitting coming along?


Stephanie said...

What a dreamy morning! Sounds divine.

Kerrin said...

SIMPLY Inspiring, thank you for this. Reminds me of what is really important and fun about getting together, the time spent with friends and a lovely craft!

victoria said...

that looks awesome, i love your photos!