Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sure Shot

Here is Matteo, taking pictures with his favorite camera :)

Ivan's big gift to the family this Christmas was a new digital SLR camera. For you photography buffs, specifically it's a Canon EOS 50D and it is one super bad mamma jamma of a camera :}. I've spent the past few days playing with it, taking a gazillion and one pictures of the kids in action. I'm not quite ready to show those works in progress (what is that aperture thing anyway?)~ but still life pictures of beloved wooden toys are a bit easier (they're usually not busy jumping off the couch).

Our new gnome friend and his house by Bill Bluhm at Heartwood Arts

Buntspechte deer, doe and double fir tree

Buntspechte shepherd boy, mountain dog, sheep family and birch tree


Tahara (Autumn Oak) said...

The figures are beautiful...I love them!

Faith said...

From one photography buff to another, I've always thought your images were great. I'm a Canon user too (5D)!

Nicole Spring said...

yay marina!! i have a canon eos to i love it!! im even more in love since i got my 50mm lese *drool*
i cant wait to see more of your pics!!! :)

Jen said...

Lucky you! I love the boys' camera, too.