Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ivan teaching the boys how to skip rocks last weekend

We've been working at re-establishing our rhythms here at home. Understandably, the boys have been going through a transition of learning to live with another little one in the house. Both Matteo and Nico have been fantastic with Luca, but I know that they've had a few struggles. Ivan and I have been focusing mostly on just getting them a lot of outside time in the mornings before lunch and trying to get a second outing (a walk or playing in the yard) following naps. I've also been really working at giving the older boys my full attention while Luca naps. Luca Bean has been quite accommodating by sleeping happily on me while we're out in the mornings and in the early evenings he sleeps in his moses basket so I can concentrate on his big brothers bedtime routine.

It's been a lot of fun going out as a family of 5. A few days ago we went to the Berkeley waterfront where the temperature was mild enough for the boys to wade into the water. I love this picture of Nico below, it looks like he's dancing on stars.

Matteo was being coy and wanted to wear his hood up, which was fine because he reminds me of an adorable little elf.

The boys seem to be happy and thriving with our new schedule. Once we get this established, it'll be nice to work on our day to day rhythms.


calynde said...

I wish it was that warm where we are! :-)

Tahara (Autumn Oak) said...

It must be warm where you are!...I also have three young sons, and rythmn can be challenging!...We are still working at it, because I know how much the boys benefit from it...My youngest is two, and the boys love to play together now...Enjoy them :-)

Marina said...

While it is mild here, I do envy you ladies who get actual seasons and snow!

Tahara, I kind of wish you lived closer, I've thought how nice it would be to get together for coffee and tea and you could teach a rookie like me how you manage 3 boys :)