Monday, December 15, 2008

Scenes From Our Home

I love candlelight

The tree that sat undecorated for a week finally is dressed

Assembling granola and chocolate covered nuts for gifts

Matteo looks adoringly at a slightly uncomfortable Luca while Nico says "CHEESE!"


Nicole said...

Umm, didn't you like JUST have a baby? What the heck are you doing showing the rest of us up with handmade gifts? Cute boys!

Jen said...

Ditto to Nicole! You are one productive mama. Now I hope your work is done and you can kick back and enjoy.

Marina said...


Nicole and Jen, I truly hate to disillusion you and never meant to misrepresent myself, but as my due date came closer I started playing fast and loose with the handmade pledge. The goodies were made by the elves at Tierra Farms.. handmade only in the sense that I did put them in our recycled pasta sauce jars decorated with fabric scraps (that's my handmade part)... please forgive ;}

xoxo, Marina