Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Happy Space

The boys new playroom!

Ivan and I have been working on the boys' room the past few weeks to accommodate the new sleeping situations. Matteo and Nico wanted to start sleeping together, so we moved Matteo and his bed into Nico's (larger) room and have turned Matteo's former room into the playroom.

(It probably will all change in a few months when Luca needs his own space out of our room, but we like to change it up every few months in our home anyway :)).

I had a happy few hours the past few days to take pictures of the space. There's something very calming about the quiet when the boys are out of the house and Luca is napping.

Yes, I found the dollhouse! The local shop got it in and I drove almost 100 miles round trip across the bay in the rain to get it. It was worth it when Nico started playing with right away, rearranging furniture, putting the dolls on the potty :). A housewarming party is in the works for the Tiny Tribe (as we call the doll family) and you're all invited :).

Right side view of the playstands. I keep toys for Luca on that side.

Left side view with the big boy toys

The Squirrel mobile I thought Kinderkram stopped making and miraculously found on eBay!

It seemed like they were saying "Good Morning!" to me

Riding the waves

The farmhouse feels pretty peaceful with the Buntspechte figures making their home there.

Sending peace and happiness to everyone!


Nicole Spring said...

you found the dollhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!

Nicole Spring said...

hey is that the play silk like i have on my playstand canopy hanging on the wall? i need to get a new one :( my cats destroyed ours.

Marina said...

Irene from Daisy Hill Silks should seriously send you a commission check for all the business you sent her way when you posted pics of that canopy on MDC :}. Can you believe that one pictured was a "second" I got for $10 because she accidentally got green dye on the blue sky part and painted them into leaves?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous play space! What lucky little boys you have :-)

Pinkpeone said...

Congratulations on finding the doll house Marina! The new play space is gorgeous!

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the house from?

Nicole Spring said...

LOL thats so funny! she actually sent me a 'spring' silk for allowing her to use my pics. she does great work doesn't she?!

and yay on getting the mobile on ebay! i saw it on there and drooled!! tee hee.

Tahara (Autumn Oak) said...

The room looks great Marina...I have also been wanting that squirrel mobile!...I saw Nicole mention it too...I think the three of us like similiar things :-)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the horse barn?? What brand is it where can I get one?? Thanks Love your blog!-Tabitha

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the barn and what brand is it? Thanks Love your blog!- Tabitha

Nicole Spring said...

Tahara- i think so!!!! <3 we all have good taste huh?!

Stephanie said...

It's so beautiful!

Marina said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! This is my favorite room in the house ;}.

Pinkpeone- The dollhouse is made by a company called Drewart. I got it at a store in my area called The Playstore, but Quiet Hours Toys carries them online.

Tabitha- Thanks so much for visiting! The barn is by Kinderkram, you can find them at Blueberry Forest

Nicole and Tahara- we DO have breathtakingly wonderful, exquisite taste, don't we ;}? *giggle*

Miri said...

oh how gorgeous, i must admit i might be a little bit jealous.. :D
what a beautiful space you have created, & all those gorgeous wooden toys, heaven!

Sheila said...

This is incredibly beautiful! I'm inspired.

Pinkpeone said...

Thanks Marina!

I will see if I can find the Playstore online or Drewart.

Best wishes

cat said...

oh it's just all so calm. i love it!

Lisbeth said...

What a lovely blog! I am so inspired;o) Thank you.
Regards from Denmark

rachelstar said...

Oh I love your blog! Yours and soulemama are my favorite. Wanted to ask you which your boys love and play with the most, the barn or dollhouse? My boys are 3 and 4 and we can't decide which they would like more. What is your experience? Thank you from Hawaii!