Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I knit!

Luca and I walked over to Ivan's Aunt Elisabeth's house this morning under the pretense of picking up some pictures, but really I was hoping I could finagle a knitting lesson from her. I showed up at the door with a cute baby, huge smile and my beginning knitters kit hoping she could spare a moment and very graciously she did :).

[Please allow me to gush about Aunt Elisabeth for a moment. The woman can build cabinets, speak beautiful French, knit, garden, sew and she has cooked the best chicken adobo I had ever had (sorry mom). She was telling me one time that she planned to parquet a wood floor into a design she had seen at the family's Gran Maison in France... I have no doubt she'll do it too. Aunt Elisabeth has some seriously mad skillz.]

So while the awfully sweet Uncle Bob bounced and cooed with the Bean, Aunt Elisabeth taught me how to knit. I was having trouble with casting, so she started a row of 20 stitches from me and from there I worked on knitting and purling. (Also, knitters who are reading this, please excuse me if I'm mangling knitting terms).

After we left Aunt Elisabeth's, Luca and I walked over to a cafe with a pretty outdoor area. Luca slept on me in the Moby Wrap while I stood doing the wearing-a-sleeping-baby-dance, swaying back and forth working on my little piece of knitting. Knit, needle in back, purl needle in front... over and over again.

When Nico first learned how to jump last summer, he'd leap and bound all over the house like a silly Tigger. Across the room, down the hallway and to my great consternation, off the furniture yelling "I jump! I jump! I jump!". As I swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the needles this morning, in my head I was singing "I knit! I knit! I knit!"

Thank you Aunt Elisabeth!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations!! I've been learning to knit since - oh, about 2003. Yes, that's how skilled I am. I still can only cast on/off, knit and purl. I've been shown at least 3 times how to increase/decrease, but I still can't do it. So, lots of scarf knitting for me, but I do love it!

faeriefeig said...

knitting is such therapy- even though i can only knit variations of squares... ive enjoyed it since i was about 8!

welcome to the ensuing yarn addiction!

Marina said...

Oh Jumbles- your comment gives me hope that I can cast on and off in 6 years :D

Faerie- I SO know what you mean about yarn addiction! I finally had an excuse to go to the nice yarn shop this morning and really had to practice restraint... it's all so yummy and pretty!

Rachel said...

I love your blog, Marina. Mama Klein will also be very flattered to read it. Your boys are very handsome and photogenic!