Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ring Bearer

Matteo at his Aunt's wedding yesterday
Photo by Ivan

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wild Kingdom

Yesterday the boys and I made a birdseed/peanut butter/pine cone bird feeder and this was our surprise guest we saw feasting this morning...

He tries for more from a different angle...
The squirrels in our neighborhood are plentiful and unsurprisingly fat. Last fall, we saw one in our apple tree taking a few bites out of an apple, tossing it and the grabbing another.. over and over and over again. Halloween pumpkins get mauled in hours and we have to bring in the boys snacks from the stroller immediately or else the little monsters will tear into them. Despite all of this, it's still fun to watch them in action and just accept that our home and yard are theirs to share too.

Wishing Everyone a Long Happy Weekend!

*** Afternoon Update***

So later today, I looked out the door to see another squirrel feasting on the bird feeder. But this squirrel was a bit plumper and there was something else different...
See the black circles on the belly? It's a nursing mama squirrel! This changed everything for me. I sat and wondered if she had to leave her litter with a daddy squirrel so she could grab a quick bite. Was this her one moment of quiet and peace? As a fellow breastfeeding mother, I could empathize with her ravenous hunger and possible desire to get away so I watched her for a few more minutes and sent a silent wish her way...

Bon Appetit, My Dear

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A windchime I had been coveting for awhile, my Mother's Day gift from Ivan

No one needs to tell mothers how crazy life can be. I've found myself in a state of near constant motion these past few weeks. Sick kids, business travel for Ivan, family visits and celebrations- it's mostly good stuff, but can also be trying times with three small children. Sadly, I haven't had much time to be online. At the end of the day- time at the computer vs. kicking back with Ivan on the couch and a bowl full of chocolate pudding with whipped cream... well you get the idea what wins out. So apologies to all if you've waited to hear back from me on email or I haven't been able to visit/comment on your blogs- I love and cherish all of my online friends and hope to catch up very soon.

Here are some things that have been making me smile these days...

Unexpected Pleasures...Look at these adorable booties! Lovingly handmade by my wonderful friend Nicole, Luca Bean now has the proper footwear to show off his crazy dancing feet! Thank you, dear friend!

Matteo at the Steinhardt Aquarium
Crazy Outing Days... One day a week, I take the three boys on a "big" outing that involves loading the kids and assorted paraphernalia into the minivan and driving somewhere kid related- the train museum in Old Sacramento, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Academy of Sciences, Oakland Zoo. The big boys have broken their addiction to riding in a stroller everywhere so it's been kind of nice to wear Luca in the Ergo and have Matteo and Nico walk along holding my hands. They've been great at not running in separate directions (mostly) and I've been better at just going with the flow. It's crazy packing up everything for a day out. Honestly, I feel like I do these trips just to prove that I can.

Playing with the camera... I have been loving the camera that Ivan got for the family for Christmas! I am looking forward to having more time to learn about the settings and how to do different things with it. Since Luca is a constant companion on me, the poor little guy has found himself hanging in odd positions as I try to manuever myself into funny angles just trying to get that "perfect" shot. In the picture above, he wanted to play too :).

The lilies from Mother's Day... Ivan brought me lilies on our very first date, so they've always been such a special flower to me.

My guys Ivan, Matteo, Nico and Luca...
Thank you for making me smile every day.
I love you all.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Shoes

Matteo wanted to model his new shoes...

feeling silly, doing a dance

my sweet boy