About Me

Hi, I'm Marina, thanks for stopping by

I'm a stay at home mother to three wonderful, beautiful, magical boys, Matteo (10), Nico (9) and Luca, aka The Bean (7). 

I like to write.  I like to take pictures.  I like to run.

Most of all I like being with my family. 

I created this space back in 2008 when I was pregnant with The Bean.  I wanted a place where I could document our journey as a family and share ideas with other mothers who had embraced the ideas of Waldorf education. 

Fast forward 8 years later... My boys are in public school, they play with legos, embrace superheros and have been known to see a few Pixar films.  Those outer "things" do not change our what we've always believed, to let our children grow and believe in their own strength and wisdom.

This space has also evolved into a place for me to share my evolution as a mother.  As the boys are in school, I am finding myself with more time to try and figure out what my role is in the world at large.  My musings and the different paths I wander are becoming a larger part of this space.

Thank you for joining me.  Please sit down, grab a blanket and a cup of coffee....

I'd love to visit with you :),