Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Self Portrait

I've been feeling a bit funky these days. In terms of physical health, I'm fine... and I'm not in a funk, per se ... but have just had an odd feeling of quiet but yet change coming. It's a new time in my life. I've spent most of the past 5 years constant anticipation of miraculous, wonderful new life. I suppose that it's not so different now, but the new life I am anticipating is my own.

I have to be honest in that as much as I live and breathe for my family, I've really been craving something for me. I'm spending more time working on my photography. running. letting myself get lost in my own head and thoughts about my own plans for the future.

I have to admit that my absence here and visiting other blogs is in large part due to guilt. So many bloggers are on such magical journeys with their children. I love being with my boys and we do have splendid fun together, but oftentimes I've felt that our day to day activities just don't seem all that blogworthy.

So I guess I am offering an apology for my quiet as I find my footing and path in this journey of life. I have so much gratitude for you, my friends who are always there to lend a hand to hold, shoulder to cry on or even a high five when things are going great. You inspire me...and I hope you know this isn't a goodbye, just an explanation that I'm vacationing in my head

Resting in the silence for now...

With Warmth and Blessings~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I've been feeling kind of quiet these days. There's been a sweet rhythm going on in our home. The rains that went on for weeks have stopped and already warmer weather and Spring seem to be upon us.

I've spent my time cleaning our home, removing the myriad of things that seem to accumulate and block the flow of an uncluttered life. My kitchen countertops shine and I actually find joy in cooking for my family again.

The boys and I walk to school and take the time to smell the flowers

The afternoons are spent doing crafts such as these Valentines finger puppets for friends

... but mostly I spend a great deal of time just watching my beloved boys... relishing this time of them being so little... so playful

Right at this moment, I am happy and content...
I am savoring this moment of feeling quiet and settled as we all know these times can be fleeting and short lived

Sending You Love and Joy,