Tuesday, April 16, 2013

P52: Week 16/52- Spring, Landscape... For Boston

It is here at Inspiration Point where you will find me running most Sunday mornings.  I have to admit that while the landscape is beautiful here, I had never found it all that inspiring.  High up in the Berkeley Hills, the wind will push against you, making all the effort you put into moving forward feel fruitless.  The hills are relentless and with few people who run that trail, it can sometimes feel desolate.

But as I spend more time up here, I've come to love the solitude.  The running has become easier and there is more room in my head to think about things other than the pain and effort.  I dream and think about the places running has taken me and where it will lead me.... and yes, I'd come to believe that running the Boston Marathon (with a lot of work and discipline that could take years) could actually become a reality.

I'm still holding onto that dream, despite the tragedy that happened yesterday.  If truth be told, it makes me want it more.  My heart feels broken, but my spirit is not.

My thoughts and prayers go to those in Boston and runners everywhere...

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