Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anticipating Baby

10 more days until our littlest love will join us! I had an appt this morning with Dr A. and she said he's still pretty high up, but finally head down AND that I'm measuring to be about 2 weeks further than I am... so she thinks I'll have another enormously huge bruiser baby :)!

I'm getting more and more excited to meet our little boy! This morning, Matteo pulled up my shirt, kissed my tummy and said "good morning little baby, how are you?". Such a sweet, sweet boy... sigh


minipak said...

Oh oh oh, how exciting!! I wonder what this baby's name is going to be... are you sharing yet? If so, email it to me!

Jen said...

I've got you in my thoughts! Happy birthing. xoxo.

Mon @Holistic Mama said...

Hello there,

Found you via Madison mon's blog.

How exciting to find you 10 days before your next bundle! My own is soon to be 7mths old. I can't believe the time just flies.
And how totally sweet of your boy to say that to his little brother, awwww.

Lots of good vibes sent to you for your big day.

Marina said...

Thanks for all the sweet well wishes!

Welcome, mon~ isn't it crazy how quickly time passes when you have little ones? Thanks so much for visiting!