Friday, November 28, 2008

Many Reasons to Give Thanks

In an embarrassment of riches, not only was I blessed with our little Luca Bean last week but today was also my birthday. Ivan made me a white cake with whipped Ganache frosting and the boys sang Happy Birthday to me all day long :). I wanted to celebrate Luca's birth day with mine so I put out our birthday ring (pictured above).

We're trying to find a new rhythmn for our family and honestly, it's been quite a challenge. Right now my favorite time of the day has been the afternoon when everyone naps. There's a quiet and stillness to the house as everyone rests. It feels so deliciously decadent to cuddle up with my boys and just watch their beautiful little faces sleep.

Thanks so much to everyone who left messages of blessings and well wishes! It's wonderful knowing that Luca came into this world with loving thoughts surrounding him. Every once in awhile when he's sleeping, I see a smile on his face and know that it's an angel whispering to him about all the people who were excitedly expecting his arrival.


Nicole Spring said...

nap time sounds heavenly at your house! your table setting is beautiful
happy birthday! <3

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was perfect.