Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Pieces of Art

About a year ago, I had heard about some beautiful wooden figures made by a German company called Die Buntspechte. I never seemed to run across them in my meanderings through natural toy stores, nor did any of my usual on-line haunts seem to carry them. I had heard that the Rudolph Steiner College Bookstore in Sacramento carried them, but an 80 mile trip just to look at toys seemed a bit excessive... even for me.

A few weeks ago, while at the local Waldorf school's Harvest Faire, I was fortunate to meet Christine Shreier- an artisan whose work has been featured in Living Crafts magazine and proprietor of The Puppenstube. She was the first person in the US to sell Buntspechte figures ten years ago and had brought the most gorgeous selection of them! I was amazed by the simplicity and beauty of these figures. Each one is hand carved and painted in these incredible rich, yet subtle colors. There is an almost sensual feel to these toys when you hold the horses and can actually feel the muscles sculpted into the wood.

I really loved the reds and purples on the rooster, Madchen and little girl

There is something so special about these little figures. I was really touched by the beauty of each one of them and love having these little pieces of art for the boys and I to play with.

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