Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winding down

Today my beloved friend Erin came over to do some Mehndi art on my enormous pregnant belly. Erin has two little boys who are the same age as Matteo and Nico and we've spent many a playdate chasing the boys while trying to finish sentences with each other. It was such a rare treat to have some quiet time to actually talk and have a conversation!

I made us a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, Ivan brought us lattes and Erin got to work. Every once in awhile she would have to stop and we'd laugh as the bump made sure we knew he was there by showing us how he could move his foot all along my torso against my skin.

After the past few days of frantic cleaning, organizing and sewing, it was incredibly nice to have this still time today with my lovely friend talking about our boys, motherhood and just being women. I am so blessed to have her friendship.

Today was Ivan's last day of work before going on paternity leave. We are so fortunate that he'll be able to stay home until the New Year. I'm really starting to feel the change coming to our family. Our new little love will be joining us in a few days and we'll have this special time to adjust to our new tribe.


Nicole Spring said...

thats beautiful! im sending you lots of beautiful birth vibes <3

Jen said...

That is a gorgeous belly! Glad you got the quiet time you deserve.

shelleycaskey said...

marina - what a beautiful belly! and what a special friend you have. :) thinking of you and sending great birthing thoughts your way!

Nicole said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been stalking your blog waiting for you to have your babe. I'm wishing you a lovely, joyous birth.

operamommy from MDC

Catherine said...

another lurker here....just popping in to say hi...I love your blog. Sending happy thoughts for your upcoming delivery xxx

cat2116 from mdc

Marina said...

Thank you so much everyone and I really appreciate all the warm wishes and happy thoughts!

Nicole and Cat, Thanks for coming by! I love seeing my MDC friends elsewhere in the cyberworld :)!