Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Egg Dash

As a little girl, every year at Easter time I used to go to an Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Mabuhay Club, a Filipino group my parents belong to. Over 30 years later, the Mabuhay Club still exists and this past weekend was the first egg hunt the boys participated in. What is funny and sweet about this particular egg hunt was that it's not really a "hunt" per se, but rather a laying of a gazillion candy filled plastic eggs over a field for the kids to run out and gather. What ensues is a crazy feeding frenzy of kids running to scoop up the eggs and a stampeding herd of parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents accompanying them to point out eggs-actly (hee!) where the eggs are.

(I tried to stay out of the action as much as possible- my excuse being that I had the infant Luca Bean on me and that someone had to take pictures.)

The boys right before the hunt... scoping out the scene and planning strategy

The whistle was blown and the stampede is released, while my brother's dog Balut sits happily watching the action

Nico and his basket

Matteo shows off his loot!

This was the first egg hunt for Ivan and I think he was almost knocked over- if not elbowed out of the way- by an elderly filipino woman helping her grandchildren find eggs (my mom later apologized ;}). It's so incredible to me that the Mabuhay Club, this wonderful group of people, still do this event every year and that my boys are participating in the same egg hunt I had done as a little girl. This was also the first time that the boys had access to huge amounts of candy (we haven't really done Halloween yet), so we did what any reasonable parent would do... we left the kids jacked up on sugar with my folks, while we went on a mini-date to get coffee :)

... and lastly, the boys each got a little Buntspechte bunny for the holiday

Hoping that everyone who celebrates Easter had lovely day!


Anonymous said...

How delightful! What a sweet memory for you, your mother and her grandchildren! :-)

RunninL8 said...

How fun to see those excited kids dashing after eggs! I LOVE the Buntwhatever bunnies!!! I just got a package from them with some sweet animals for Lo's birthday-can't wait till she see them!
Glad you had a nice easter!

Tan Family said...

What a wonderful day! The Mabuhay group sounds really neat. My own children are part Filipino. We'll have to see if a group like this exists near us.

Lyneya said...

:) Glad I'm not the only one that allowed a bit of a free-for-all with the Easter candy. Good plan to let them detox at grandma's!

Very cool that they did the same egg-hunt you used to do!

cat said...

oh i love those bunnies!! where did you get them? :) and the boys are pretty cute too..hehe sounds like a wonderful day..:)