Thursday, August 6, 2009

In My Father's Garden

The boys wanted to use their firehat to gather their harvest

Today we went to visit my parents and the boys were able to go to one of their favorite places, my dad's garden.

When he retired a few years ago, my dad picked up a few plots at a local community garden. It's become the hub of his social life as he visits the garden daily to tend to his plants and visit with fellow green-thumbed friends. Ivan and I have semi-joked that we don't need to join a CSA as long as my dad likes hanging out with his gardening pals :)

Nico's favorite person in the world is his beloved "Lolo" (the phrase in the filipino culture that refers to older relative, such as a grandfather). He was all smiles, first being able to run and play in the garden AND to spend time with Lolo.

I don't think I'd ever be adventurous enough to actually buy Italian eggplant at the market, but since my dad has been growing it, it's been a special treat at dinner this time of year.

The boys LOVE cherry tomatoes and often just pop them in their mouths the same way other kids pop candy

Matteo was showing us how butterflies fly :)

It is so sweet to me that my boys have developed a love for nature and gardening through their special relationship with my dad. I'm hoping that it's something that they will always remember and treasure.


Grace said...

Wonderful! My girls pop tomatoes like candy too. I feel very lucky that my girls, too, have a wonderful and close relationship to their 4 grandparents. That is a real gift these days (or any days for that matter).

Stephanie said...

I"m sure they will always treasure it! Probably be one of their fond memories with their Grandpa.

We eat 'em warm and sweet off the vine, too! :)

nicola said...

oh, sweet marina! which community garden does "lolo" participate in? :)
lala loves those tomatoes straight off the vine, too!

renee said...

How wonderful! The boys will remember these days forever!! My daddy is so, so far away :(

We had a special harvest day too at our friends farm. Lots of carrots! Blog post has to wait till she sends some pictures though, cause I had no camera.

gardenmama said...

Your Fathers garden looks like a very special garden, even more so that your little ones are making such beautiful memories with him in nature. I attribute pieces of who I am to my Grandfathers love of gardening he showed us very detailed areas of nature the birds, butterflies, plants, seeds... it makes me stop and notice now as an adult with my own children. I can imagine that your children will too!

Anonymous said...

your little ones looks so truly happy in the garden, what a wonderful gift it is to them , from you & their lolo.

Lisa said...

How beautiful that they love your father's garden so much. I'm sure they will always remember and treasure those moments.

Lisa ;)

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for community gardens and Lolo! I hope to have a community garden spot again in a few years. It really changed my life and hope to share the experience with DS as Lolo is doing with your cuties! :-)

lelanl said...

hi Marina,
not sure you'll get this, but I just fell in love with the "RV" you posted last year. Do you know where your MIL had it made, and if it's possible for me to find them?

Marina said...

Thank so you so much everyone for your sweet comments! It's so wonderful that there are so many other families that feel that connection with nature and pass it along generations.

Nicola- The garden is in the Central Valley where my parents live.

lelanl- thank you! I sent you a PM via the MDC board... email directly at PabloHoneySF at gmail dot com if you didn't get it :)