Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

Two little boys starting school together for the first time

Two lunches

Two backpacks

One loves to draw

while the other ponders cars

Two little boys yelling goodbye through the window :)

It all flies by so quickly...


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Are they going to a regular school or a Waldorf school?

Jen said...

It's so nice that they can start together. What an adventure. And now you and the Bean can have some adventures of your own!

cat said...

look at those big boys!!

and the laptop lunchboxes..i'm waiting for our local store to get the color i want in for lola..;) right now she's using the rubbermaid take along - at least it's bpa free..haha!

good luck in school boys!!! how exciting!!

nicola said...

oh soooo cute! all of it. the shaped sandwiches you made, brothers as friends, the backpacks (i assume you made!), and the mamma goodbyes. enjoy this time with luca (i know you will!). and marina, tell me about it...the starting of kindergarten just floors me. i still haven't recovered from the shock of it!

Marina said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes for the boys! They had a great day :)

MamaUK- They actually go to a traditional play-based preschool in our neighborhood that we all fell in love with. We supplement with Waldorf education at home

Nicola- I have to disclose that the backpacks were not mama-made, but purchased at one of my favorite Etsy shops- bratsacks. I'm not sure my sewing skills are up to snuff for those ;}

Anonymous said...

Marina, you are a beautiful mama!
Your boys are adorable, their healthful and pretty lunch and lovely backbacks are sure to be warm comforts of home.

waldorfmama said...

yes, indeed, it all flies by ever so quickly. what a special bond for them to share this together. :)

Andrea said...

this pictures are so sweet to me for many reasons. that special good bye corner of the window...i know that window sill so well, and i'm sure my son remembers the inside of it.

Daniela said...

I love the picture of the lunch boxes and the shaped lovely!!
hugs from Italy :-)

Lisa said...

What fun lunches and I love the photo of the brotherly love in the first pic! They are such cuties and I hope they are enjoying school!

Lisa :)