Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Mama Made Fright

The awesome Annie seemed to sum up my feelings on the whole all night costume debacle perfectly....

"I'm so stubborn that the costumes from the MIL would tick me off and I'd stay up all night tonight too finishing costumes even they were sewn upside down and backward ;)"

So with all due respect for my mother in law and her very sweet intentions, after staying up all night to make costumes I was certain that some unwritten cardinal rule had been broken, that after you give birth, you have the right to choose all holiday attire for your children, until they can verbalize what they want themselves OR unless you abdicate that right to someone else (you can see that the failed prelaw student in me comes out when I'm miffed;}).

I took Wednesday night off to let off steam with Ivan and take-out Indian food and I did what I had to do on Thursday night to make the costumes wearable. By Friday morning, my boys were dressed and ready to go....

Matteo is giving his scary dinosaur impression, while Nico looks on woefully.

Yes, woefully. The poor kid hated the costume. I used "ecofelt" (aka recycled plastic crap fabric) because it was cheaper and I thought it would be OK for something that would be worn for an hour maximum. I think he is just so sensitive to textiles that it really, truly made him uncomfortable. It also didn't help that I snarled at him tersely beforehand that He.Will.Wear.That.Costume. Definitely not my finest parenting moment. It was a hard morning for my lovely, sweet son. While his friends danced and sang in circle time, he huddled up on my lap and as soon as the teachers announced that it was time for the Halloween parade (a walk up the block and back), Nico burst into tears. I felt really and truly horrible.

So I very gladly and happily helped him take off the hated costume that I was up all night sewing and we followed the others up the street, my Nico dressed just as his beautiful, lovely self for the Halloween parade.

Holding hands with his friend, the highpoint of Nico's Halloween Festivities

So this Halloween day, The Small Tribe will spend it in a very low key way. During the day, a walk to a friend's block party, complete with jumpy house, and an evening making popcorn, homemade candy and telling stories sounds like a perfect Halloween for us all.


Wishing you and your little goblins a Happy Halloween!


nicola@which name? said...

oh, marina! the costumes are fantastic. and isn't is always the way? our little people remind us daily that, while they are moldable, so are we. huge hugs. you have done an amazing job, both on the costumes and on mothering three beautiful boys. have a spooky day!

Simple Mama said...

Your costumes are adorable! Be proud of your intentions. And give yourself a pat on the back for being a strong enough mama to recognize that Nico just wanted to be himself for the Halloween parade. Someday he'll look back on these pictures and laugh - and that woeful look will be gone from his eye. ;)

Jenne said...

Oh Marina! The costumes turned out beautifully and you are such a wonderful mother for putting so much into them. Believe me, you are not alone in those parenting moments - I wasn't the shining example of mommyhood getting those shots I used for my Halloween card, if that helps any! Your photos are gorgeous as always and your evening plans sound too perfect. I hope your family has a wonderful Halloween.

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

They came out so wonderful!! I had to laugh about the MIL remark, oh that's soooooo me, too!! I agree with everyone else *big hugs* You are amazing in every way!!!!!

and kinda OT but Luca Bean?! Where are you, baby? I see such a big boy!!! <3 <3

cat said...

oh sweetie..the costumes came out beautiful, but i totally understand your feelings. xi is the same way with textiles...

your gesture is what counts and what they will remember...*hug*

love you...

Annie said...

They turned out really great! I almost made my son's costume out of the same eco felt stuff but then found some plush minkee on clearance that was even cheaper and I figured it would be more comfortable. Anyway, I have quite a few photos of me as a child looking pretty grumpy because I wasn't happy about something and those are some of my favorite pictures now that I'm an adult:)

Tahara said...

The costumes look great Marina...You did such a good job sewing them...I don't even know how to use a sewing machine and did not sew costumes...What a caring mom you are to take all of that time creating those beautiful costumes, and then just let Nico walk without it...Much hugs and love to you :-)

Ps...Luca Bean is getting so big, and so cute...He looks a lot like the pictures I have seen of you!

Suzan said...

Lovely pictures!

Lisa said...

I love your costumes! They turned out great!!!! I know all too well the You.Will.Do.This. No, they are not my best parenting moments. But I remind myself later of all the time, love and joy I give to my kids and then I don't feel so bad. You shouldn't either!!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Sarah said...

The costumes turned out so cute! Sorry your little man was uncomfortable in his.

Annie@Imagination said...

Oh wow Marina -- that sounds awful! I worked for hours on end on my kiddos costumes too - and I was almost sure that my son wasn't going to wear his - but he surprised me and did... In his strong will I kept reminding myself that it was ok if he didn't wear it - if he wore last years costume -- i kept reminding myself because i'm 98% sure I would have reacted the same way you did -- it sucks, but i wanted to say you're not alone!

Those costume are AWESOME!! thanks for sharing :)

My jaw dropped when I read about the costumes your MIL bought. I don't even want to think about how I would have reacted!!

Hope it ended up being a fantastic halloween :)

Anonymous said...

We also had a very low key Hallowe'en, we just carved a pumpkin and lit it during family dinner and then the kids jumped around in the dark was perfect!
I loved the pictures of yur boys!

Lisa said...

Wow! FANTASTIC costumes! So sorry the little guy was uncomfortable. I'm guessing that was a bit of a crushing moment, but it sounds to me like you handled it well and at least you were able to get a picture!


Anonymous said...

so sweet. love that you were able to detach and let your lo be himself. your costumes are darling. i couldn't get a picture of T in her whole costume...only bits and pieces at a time.

thanks for sharing and always...thanks for your honesty and good humor. MIL comment still has me chuckling in understanding.