Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Happy Holiday

After weeks of preparations, decorations, gifts to make and a flu bug making it's rounds through the family, we ended up having a very sweet and lovely holiday up north with my husband's family. I thought I'd share a few photos of our holiday celebration...

The boys made a gingerbread train with their beloved Nonniey and Auntie H

A very adorable gift on Christmas morning!

Nico gives me the gift of his gorgeous, happy smile

Roxie the sweet-faced pug who I wanted to sneak home with us

The day after Christmas we went up to Lassen National Park where the boys played in the snow for the very first time!

Daddy and Nico sled

... and my attempt to pose the boys for a Christmas photo.Matteo and Nico are pretending to be Christmas monsters while Luca stares at something shiny in the distance ;}

I'm hoping that all of you had joyous celebrations with your loved ones! I'll be back in a few days to share photos of the homemade goodness that found its way to our home this holiday season, but until then I'm wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

your little ones are darling. looks like a very merry christmas, indeed!

Anonymous said...

wow! I love the holiday photo! Too sweet! :-)

Daniela said...

Waiting for your new pictures to come, I wish you a blessed new year too!
hugs from Italy

cat said...

i'm so happy you guys had such a lovely holiday!! sounds like the sickies got you all too though. i ended up having to set aside some of my plans and recuperate (still am actually) from a very bad ear infection...phooey! but the girls had a blast and xi loves her new "baby xi" - my very first waldorf doll..;)

the boys look like they had a blast though and are growing cuter by the moment!!! happy new year my dear friend...and much much love...


nicola@which name? said...

sweet sweet sweet. your boys always make me smile and they have to be three of the most beautiful boys i know. i am so pleased to hear you got up to the snow! lassen is not a short drive, either, which means you made it to see family for christmas?! i hope you are all feeling better now! hope to see you soon.

Joy said...

Your boys are SO, SO adorable! It looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house. I'm glad everyone had a good time in the snow. :)

Anonymous said...

this looks like a lovely holiday - merry christmas!

Jenne said...

Great photos! Looks like the snow was a blast. How long is that drive?

raffa said...

veramente belle immagini..buon natale

Alicia said...

Beautiful, the boys look gorgeous! One day I'd like to have a white Christmas, it's hard to be quite as festive here in Summer!

Jen said...

Yay for sledding and snow!

I wanted to let you know that Isaac loves the picture you sent of the three boys and kept asking me what their names are. One day we'll get them all together.

Have a happy new year!

Catherine said...

Marina, your little ones are so very sweet!

Simple Mama said...

As always, your photographs are just stunning. It looks like such a magical, wonderful holiday for you family. Blessings.

Jessica said...

Oh, how I do love that final photo--so, so, so adorable!

Happy 2010!

Nicole Spring said...

SNOW! Oh how we love the snow!! I am so happy you shared those pictures!! Kaulini is going crazy over them!! That Nico's smile... Oh I am melting!! I can't wait to see more <3 <3 <3 Emailing you tonight :)
less than three plus some,

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for sharing all of the joy.
Warm wishes for a peaceful new year.

calynde said...

happy holidays! :-)

TheSingingBird said...

Just stopping by to admire your beautiful little family and photos and to say Happy New Year!
Also, I just saw that Puppenstube opened an etsy shop today and I was so excited I had to come tell you because I discovered her beautiful work through your blog.

Best wishes for 2010 !

mommychick.com said...

Oh, your boys made me smile:-) I have three boys also and I had that exact same moment where I tried to take a family photo. LOL! Not even a family photo, just the boys. I never got my Christmas photo and ended up sending out a video card instead! Here's a link just in case you want to take a look: http://mommychick.typepad.com/mommychick/2009/12/merry-christmas-from-my-family-to-yours.html

Please say hello when you come by:-)
I'm so happy that I found your blog today! I'll be coming by often!