Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holga-The Luddites Camera

*note to self* a purse will screw up photo composition every time

I've been cheating on my camera

I met another one recently, Holga. I picked her up for $25. She's cheap, unpredictable, flawed... but all of these qualities make her oh so much fun. I love the vignetting of the images, the retro feel of the photos and the soft, ethereal quality the camera produces. These are a few pictures from my first roll, nothing spectacular, but I see the promise.

If you look in the mirror you can see Nico and Luca battling it out at the train table, while I am blissfully ignoring them taking this picture

shot up through a horizontal tire swing

In an age where people are always looking to better their lives through new technology, the luddite in me appreciates that I need to put gaffers tape along the camera seams to prevent light leaks. With my beloved digital camera, I can see images instantaneously on the display screen. Holga is a rules girl playing hard to get and makes me wait a few days for film processing.

Despite it all, I'm still in the throes of a deep infatuation... sigh

So, friends... please share, what low-tech item gives you joy?

Thank you so much everyone for your truly wonderful, supportive comments on my new venture into interior photography! Being new to this field, I'm still feeling insecure about my skills and you all are helping me gain the confidence to keep moving forward! I've been spending less time on the blog as I have been fortunate to get more properties to practice on, but I wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for your encouragement! xoxo, Marina


Joy said...

My brother just got one for Christmas and was so excited. He was showing me the Holga group on Flickr and there are some really cool photos out there. I hope you enjoy your Holga. I'll be sending him your blog post. :)

Jenne said...

How fun! I love it!

Prettydreamer said...

Lovely post! I come from a time when you had to use a phone by drawing circles and had to be attached to wall. I can appreciate your being lured to the past. There something great about something simple like a carpet sweeper. No noise, nozzles or hoses but it works. Have fun exploring the past with your new-old camera!


Tan Family said...

This is really special! I haven't seen a Holga before. Sometimes the low-tech gadgets are the best!

Nicole Spring said...

You know I love it! The tire pic is my fav ;) Can't wait to see more!! I will miss you in blogland but I know I will still be catchin up via e-mail XOXO
Less than three...

nicola@which name? said...

awesome, marina! the photographs, the thrifty score, and the joy it is giving you! i already miss your blogging, but i am thrilled you are getting some creative marina time!

all sorts of low tech things give me joy. depends on ones take on what low-tech is, i suppose. ;)


Andrea said...

Darn you J for not posing for this cool camera when you had the chance! I love those shots-I'm enjoying all these surprises lately. And also the fact that I know all those spots oh so well, especially that tire swing.