Wednesday, September 29, 2010



The autumn winds blow open the gate,
St. Michael for you we wait.
We follow you, show us the way,
With joy we greet this autumn day.
Good morning, good morning, good morning.
The silver rain, the shining sun,
the fields where scarlet poppies run,
the fallen leaves blow up and away,
with joy we greet this autumn day.
Good morning, good morning, good morning

Our Little Nature Nest

We had our first simple and joyful Michaelmas celebration at our home yesterday. I've struggled with how to celebrate this Fall festival as I don't feel as if the boys are entirely ready for the stories of slaying dragons and saints. So we altered the story of St Michael slaying the dragon to instead, Michael the Knight overcoming his fear of the dragon, making him his friend and asking the dragon to help others instead of scaring them. (A very Berkeley twist indeed). We also focused on the arrival of Autumn and the changing of the season.

We started with a nature walk to collect the Fall leaves for Autumn crowns


Michael the Knight making the dragon his friend
dragon and knight

and we made dragon bread for the first time... admittedly a very puffy dragon ;}

This was the first introduction to Michaelmas for the boys and as the years progress and as they are ready, we will let the story evolve into its truer meaning. For now though, as the winter months approach, I wish you all joy and peace as we strengthen our inner reserves and learn to overcome obstacles, whatever they may be, in the spirit of Michaelmas.

With love and light,


Christine said...

Marina, you are RIGHT on it is not to slay the dragon but to subdue and transmute. Like with our vices and shortcomings, fears and insecurities to face them and transform them to the highest. You did it naturally, just be listening into what is right for you! Love to you all!

Jen said...

What a lovely celebration!

Dawn said...

That looks like a beautiful Michaelmas celebration. Your bread turned out so cute! We'll be celebrating tomorrow because my kids have a day off of school.

Nicole said...

How lovely! Glad you all had such a fun time. :)

Joy said...

I love that first shot. I also *love* the leaf flame coming out of your dragon bread. So cute! It looks like a perfect first Michaelmas celebration. :)

Lisa said...

lovely celebration, Marina. I love your little knight!!

sam said...

Simply beautiful. Every entry on your blog leaves me speechless.

momma rae said...

a lovely introduction to michaelmas for your littles! your leaf crowns are gorgeous! we are just now starting to have color change and i am excited to make some crowns ourselves.

i posted about our community michaelmas celebration on my blog. happy autumn!!

Bending Birches said...

love, love, love your blog!!!!!!

Sara said...

I love the photo of Michael and the dragon making friends. So sweet.

Stacy said...

Awesome pics!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Oh Marina - the beauty that is jumping off my computer screen right now is leaving me speechless.
But I can't remain speecchless for long. MUST call you this week! <3

Heather said...

This is an incredible, what a beautiful celebration you all had.

Traumkraut said...

what a beautiful picture of your boy with a crown of leaves...



Someone Beautiful said...

Hi Marina, I love your blog! I found you via the ostheimer photo pool, and wanted to ask about the shelves you had set up in the picture "Nico's view". You have 3 shelves on the wall with Ostheimer animals on them. My little one was looking over my shoulder and wants that for Christmas. Do you remember where you got those wall-mount shelves? Thank you!

Marina said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words on our first celebration!

Someone Beautiful- Those shelves were from Ikea a few years ago ;}.

Someone Beautiful said...

Thank you! They look great and the toys on them made my son want them...and I liked them too!

Someone Beautiful said...

P.S. This was also lovely for me. We have never celebrated, and it made me go look up the tradition. I stop by your blog for inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Fiona said...

what gorgeous leaves!
I love your blog