Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafty Times

If Helena Bonham Carter had a crafting doppelganger, that person would be my friend Najma. You may remember Najma, of fabulous monokini fame... this woman never fails to blow me away with her creativity! Last week my crafty pals had another get together and Najma didn't disappoint with her incredible ability to think outside the box when it comes handwork. Najma's new project is to knit a vest using strips of denim... really. It was quite a sight to see her ripping strips of an old pair of jeans. Denim was flying everywhere and it was like Edward Scissorhands meets Martha Stewart! It was truly awe-inspiring!

Jenny was crocheting flowers for her square in a community quilt using an impossibly tiny crochet hook. That woman has some serious skills.

Our lovely hostess Andrea, was working on fingerless gloves

I tried needlepoint for the first time with Alicia Paulson's Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowel pattern

Our crafting get-togethers are never complete without some yummy pastry action, and this time was no different with a tart to celebrate the gorgeous Courtney's birthday :)

As Andrea is also the mother to boys, I always love visiting her home to see what wonderful boy-ness is going on. I was absolutely charmed this time to walk in and see a tee-pee set up in the living room.

Sam Cooke and Mos Def provided the soundtrack to our morning (courtesy of Jenny's husband's cool site Mog!)... I truly felt so lucky to have such a wonderful group of women to spend time with.

Thank you to all my crafty friends, near and far, for your energy and inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Oh Marina! How I've missed you, your lovely family and (virtual) shared times. I'm just coming back to the blogosphere after my long, long absence and would love to catch up sometime (email)?

I'm so glad you have a group of women to create with! Tonight I go to my first crafty (AP) Mama's night. I'm soooo excited!

Hugs to you all. S, R and M

momma rae said...

oh, just paint me into the corner, please! incredible talent and that tart looks simply sinful! xo

Andrea said...

Thanks for coming again Marina!! So, why were there left overs of such a pretty tart? Like birds you girls eat!

And Court made the tee pee:)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Awesome! On one hand, I am so sorry I missed it. On the other, the amount of skill in that room is nerve-wrecking for a novice like me! ;)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

By the way, your header is gorgeous, Marina!