Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Rain

Luca in the Puddle

The storm came up so very quick
It couldn't have been quicker.
I should have brought my hat along,
I should have brought my slicker.

My hair is wet, my feet are wet,
I couldn't be much wetter.
I fell into a river once
But this is even better.

-Spring Rain by Marchette Chute

It was raining today and oh, how I loved it so! The air felt so fresh to breathe in and all around us it felt like the earth had been given a gentle cleansing. On our street a small lake forms near our home and the boys enjoy a bit of puddle jumping

Puddle Jumper

Neighbors smiled as they walked past these crazy little boys who were finding so much joy in the water
Happy Nico

Luca Bean had fun with his brother's discarded boot
Brothers Boots

Nico took a moment to reflect ;}
Puddle Boy

These moments, so fleeting... of my boys being just little boys... finding such happiness in something so simple as a big puddle. I don't think my heart could feel any fuller.

Wishing you many moments of such joy!


Jen said...

You made me remember all the fun we had puddle stomping as kids. Such good, simple fun. Btw, I absolutely adore the boot picture.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I really like the last line of that poem, so funny!
A spring rainstorm sounds sounds wonderful, glad you all got to enjoy it!
Hope all has been very well with you my sweet friend!
Renee xoxo

Lisa said...

oh, i remember when Binky used to get so excited about puddles! he would have been right there with your boys, laying in the water!

Binky has been wearing that hat every day lately. he said the other day he was going to change his look! so funny!
i think it's supposed to rain most of the week!
have a fun

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Oh my! That Luca is such a big boy! For a second, I thought I was looking at Matteo! Ahhh, rain. I love few things more! I haven't forgotten that I still owe you that novella. Looking forward to catching up!! Hugs to you all!!

Kelly Jane said...

Such beautiful boys, and a fun afternoon! My boys and I enjoyed yesterday's rain while we worked and played in our front garden for a couple of hours! We started out with jackets on - but the warm rain soon found us all misty-wet. Our jackets, getting in the way of our fun (and now splattered with mud), found themselves hanging on the front doorknob. Welcome to spring!!

julie said...


Jenna said...

Without a doubt one of my best childhood memories...splashing in the fresh rain puddles while my mother looked on!

Anonymous said...

I love that the bare feet in your top photo. It looks like they are having so much fun with something so simple. Lovely photos!

Joy said...

Those are great photos. They just ooze the joy of childhood. :) I love the shots of Luca, just standing there and pouring out of his brother's boot.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Your boys always make me smile. Such joy. A testament to the "just add water" theory.
Hugs, Nicola

Dawn said...

Aww...your boys look like they're having such fun! These pictures are adorable.

Jessica said...

Oh Marina!

These photographs are gorgeous! Every. Single. One.

It is soooo cold here, I'm envious of your spring rain. :)

RunninL8 said...

I miss the CLEAN wet of spring I experienced back east as a kid. Here in Alaska our spring-or "break-up" as we call it- is one muddy messy time. Fun, but in a different way!

earthboysblog said...

When we lived in Miami and it rained Sasha always found the puddles. Now living on the farm the puddles come with amazing thick mud and boy do they have fun, each and every rainy day. It's a blessing.
I know how you feel being overwhelmed by so many toys mentioned in your previous post. We to have had a collection, we often do our spring cleaning and send much stuff out to the local children of the village. We did buy many big expensive waldorf toys and you are right they don't make a waldorf family and my children have hardly used them,, they, they prefer to cook on the real stove, or make their own cooking fire outside, they want real knives to cut and they build roads and tracks in the sand pit. They climb up and down trees, run down hills and ravines and enjoy that more than their little park we built. All children need that freedom and a safe environment, with gentle guidance,, a sanctuary!

Lily Boot said...

Beautiful! What lovely photos you create and the boys are so joyful. The perfect way to have fun.

Anne said...

Looks like lots of fun!
My boys love jumping puddles too!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Marina, Marina, just sending some love to the one and only Marina. Love your photographs, as always. We need a 'going out and taking pictures' trip.
Please tell Matteo he still has Kaulini's heart. Hee,hee. Phone date this week???? <3

alex said...

These are the best years!
Nice photos and amazing poem:)

Heather said...

That looks like a lot of beautiful rain fun. I love seeing my boys out in the rain, puddle jumping and splashing. It just seems such a perfect way to celebrate childhood.