Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abundance and Simple Joys

As I move forward in time and emotion... away from the place I was in, I've taken to looking for the abundance in life and the bounty that is found in the simple things that bring me joy...

Tomatoes from my fathers garden

During a recent visit to my favorite thrift store, I found a few Pyrex bowls in the happy Friendship pattern that I just adore (really, this just made me squeal!)

At the thrift store, I also discovered my favorite books from childhood for less than $2 for the entire set! I'm looking forward to sharing them with my own little farmer boys :).

Ivan had some time off before he started his new job and it was just so incredibly wonderful beyond words to have him home and relaxed. We stayed close to home and did a few day trips around the Bay Area, but mostly a lot of time was spent horsing around with the boys

One day with the kids in good hands, we went for a long hike in beautiful Marin with our matching gorilla feet that make me giggle

... and of course, I can't forget the abundance that are you... my friends. Thank you for all of your kind comments and emails during the rocky time that we went through. I wept as you shared your experiences and I felt loved and cared for by your thoughts. I am truly rich in friends and love. I heard this song recently and it made me think how blessed I am for your friendships

Had a friend once upon a time who had a hunger to learn
Good and bad was all she had and all she was concerned
She found out they were one and the same
The truth don't need to have a name

She loved to share with the moon soon she shared with me
The adventure this life could be
If we just let ourselves be free

She gave me peace of mind
Like a butterfly song to a rainbow shrine
And today feels good, soul sister

We never answered too much we asked all the time
Why it was always looking and what there was to find
We threw it all into the wind laughter sharing
Me and my best friend

Her voice was fine and it eased my soul
Her face was young but her eyes were old
And magic would unfold

She gave me peace of mind
Like a butterfly song to a rainbow shrine
And today feels good, soul sister

We worship the goddess of the Earth
Daughter of life, mother of birth
We belong where the mystic is strong
Humming a butterfly song

And today feels good, soul sister

-"Soul Sister", Cree Summer

This is me, so very happy

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my soul sisters


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

No wonder you like that thrift store! The Pyrex would have made me squeal, too! That photo of you is fabulous, but I told you that is the one of Ivan with the boys that caught my eye this time. Precious.

Traumkraut said...

You are so beautiful, Marina!

micha said...

Thank you for sharing these experiences and pictures with us!

Annie@Imagination said... that photo of your four boys -- incredibly priceless... I love it.

and I LOVE the photo you posted of yourself. beautiful, happy you indded.


momma rae said...

gorgeous mama!! thank you for sharing you. ;) i am so glad for you that you are feeling better and you had some down time with your sweet family.

those bowls are incredible!! i love them, too.

Anonymous said...

it's so great to focus on the positive, love all of this

Anonymous said...

Love the song, love the photos, love the sentiment...and really love the smile on your face.
Oh sigh Marina...this post made me both laugh out loud and have tears in my eyes.

Love you!

Jessica said...

You have the most beautiful boys...seeing them always melts my heart!


I love the photo of you--so adorable!

~JEN~ said...

my goodness! i was without a laptop for a couple months and missed reading your blog!

your photos all look amazing!

so glad to be back reading.

seriously in love with these photos woman!

No Title said...

Hi Marina,

I don't know you but I believe my sister, Minnie, does. Anyway I'd been following the link to your blog from hers, and I've enjoyed reading or simply admiring the breathless photos. I am somewhat like you in sensibility, though fully. If you care to visit my blog, let Minnie know and I can give your permission.

Best wishes,

Tahara said...

What a lovely post Marina...Those Pyrex bowls would have made me squeal too, LOL, they are beautiful!...Glad you had some great alone time with Ivan as well as family time...You know we all love you Marina!

BTW, I love Cree Summer...She has hair like mine :-)

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

beautiful, everything is beautiful. love seeing all of your smiles!
have a great week

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

You are my soul sister, you know it :) I think everyone in the world needs a Marina of their own.
You pictures are seriously breathtaking! I am just sitting here admiring them over and over <3

Heather said...

This was just so beautiful Marina, thank you for sharing.