Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye Summer

We had fun helping Lolo in his garden

Dad and his helpers

Riding our bikes in new places
Trail Ride

while stopping every once in awhile to look at bugs
Roly Poly

We loved going on carnival rides for the first time!

and eating watermelon
Luca loves watermelon

Picking apples at Nonnieys...

...To make into apple pie together

The cows at the Little Farm always looked happy to see us
Boy meets Cow

but sometimes it was nice to just spend lazy afternoons on the couch with the newest member of our family, Hanuman
Matteo and Hanuman

But our FAVORITE part of summer was having daddy home with us to eat ice cream together!
Ice Cream With Dad
Happy Early Birthday, Daddy! We love you!

(No more travelling 10,000 miles for work, OK?)

Love, Matteo, Nico and Luca Bean


Kelly said...

So much sweetness! Happy Day to your love and my how your little men are growing huh? Sheesh - time flies.

Nicola said...

Happy birthday, Ivan! Your summer looked like ours, so how come our kids never saw each other? :O
Luca is getting so big!