Tuesday, January 8, 2013

P52: Week 2/52 - Winter Backlight

One of the things I love about photography is the ability to play with the light. The wintertime has such gorgeous lighting with the sun so low in the sky. When photographing with the light behind your subject- the sun creates a beautiful outline.  Many believe that flare from the sun should be avoided, in this case I happened to like the symmetry of the circles and rays of light as part of the composition.  I thought that this was an interesting assignment and am looking forward to playing with the idea of backlight even more.

Thank you for indulging my musings about photography and light play.

Next up is Tricia Burrough of Lilac Blossom Photography.  Tricia is a portrait photographer and freelance photojournalist based in Collingswood, NJ.  Please CLICK HERE to see her take on this week's theme.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new header picture so very, very much. How BIG your beautiful ones are now. So much joy on their faces. Makes my heart happy. I do hope yours is, too. Still wishing we were neighbors (as it appears I'm a terrible pen pal). But, as always, glad to be snuggled here in rainy Seattle. Really need to get those running shoes on - how long have I been saying that now? Maybe this year! Love and light to you and your loves.

Lanie said...

This is gorgeous! Great capture!

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

Love this!

matryoshkas said...

I love the haze and flare! Such a happy picture :)

helene said...

So glad to see you back in the blogosphere, I kept checking in the past year and have missed your presence in your blog, I was hoping you were all right..
I love the weekly photographs with a theme, I will be looking forward to visiting your blog every week to see and admire.
Thanks for being back here, Marina!
Helene (London)