Tuesday, January 15, 2013

P52: Week 3/52- Winter Blues

The theme this week was Winter Blues.  It was a challenge to capture that for me.  I played with the idea of blue, what things are blue?  Does it get cold enough outdoors for anything to turn blue? Do I feel blue because of the season?

... and then I thought about my favorite blue, the blue of my husband's eyes.  He's in a moment of rest after chasing our boys that afternoon, indulging me as I try to capture this moment.

Thank you for joining me as I am learn and grow through this project.

Next up is Sarah Maxey Photography from the Kansas City area (honestly one of my favorite places filled with the nicest people in the world!). Sarah is an on-location, natural light photographer specializing in birth photography, lifestyle newborn photography and modern maternity, baby/child and family portraiture.  Please CLICK HERE


Jen Dunham said...

I love this, Marina!

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

Love this shot! I need to take more photos of my husband...if he would only allow me :)

Lanie said...

Love it Marina! My mom is so funny... she said, I love your picture of Zeb this week. And I just love following your P52 circle. It is great to see everyones different interpretations on your weekly subject. And that picture of the husband... hubba hubba! Great job!