Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barefoot Bamboletta for Adoption

So the time has come for me to let go of a few things to make room for new energy in our home. One of those things is my beloved Bamboletta doll that the lovely Christina Platt of Bamboletta custom made for me less than a year and a half ago.

I named her Kaisa, after a sweet little girl I had met the previous summer. Christina was so wonderful and accommodating to my laundry list of wishes.. gorgeous, lush brown and auburn hair, Asian eyes- but not too slanted, orange sweater since that was my favorite color... I remember it the list being long and detailed and Christina never complained once.

When Kaisa arrived at my home (along with her companion, Paolo, for Nico's big brother present), my eyes misted over... here was my own little girl to dress and play with!

Fast forward almost 18 months... Kaisa has sat lonely in a doll bed for months at a time. Sadly, raising 3 wonderful, magical boys has left me little time to play with Kaisa... and my three boys? Well, they have their own boy dolls they'd much rather play with. So after months of hand-wringing indecision, I've decided to put Kaisa up for re-adoption in the hopes that she will go to a family where she will be loved and played with as she deserves.

I've checked out the Bamboletta Fan Page over on Facebook and have been amazed at the passion people have for these dolls! Uploads for new dolls occur once a week and they sell out within minutes, leaving many parents (and sadly, kids) disappointed that a Bamboletta is not to be at their home just yet. Dolls do come up for re-adoption, but tend to go in minutes as well to the fortunate few that are online at the time of the posting. So I've decided to level the playing field a bit by putting her up for re-adoption here and randomly selecting a home for her from the comments.

Here are a few things to keep in mind...
  • Please only leave a comment if you are interested in adopting Kaisa!
  • One comment per person please
  • I would like first- time mummies and "newbies" to have a chance to adopt her, so if you are already fortunate to have a Bamboletta in your home, please let those without one have a chance
  • As an fyi- Kaisa a 15" doll and has been in a pet and smoke free home
  • Adoption fee is $100 including shipping... Please feel free to enter if you're overseas, but I will have to ask a bit more to cover shipping internationally. Paypal preferred
  • I will randomly select a family from the comment section on Thursday, April 1st at 8PM PST and post the winner's name. Please contact me w/in 24 hours (pablohoneysf at gmail dot com) of posting so we can exchange information.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions with your comment
Thank you so much, I wish you all the best!


Mary Lee said...

Love the shape of her eyes and her bangs. Unique. My grandaughter would love her.


Don't enter me in, as I already have a Bamboletta. Just wanted to say good luck! You're about to get a tidal wave of comments!

bruins*lil*princess said...

First off, I would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to adopt this lovely doll. I would love to adopt her home. I'm a first time mama, we have 1 dtr - no bambo doll yet.

SueAnn said...

Oh my! I'd love to to able to give a Bambo to my Step Grand daughter....I just was able to get a LB for the younger Grand on Saturday.......if that takes me out of the running I understand but Addie would be over the moon for this doll.

Misha said...

How sweet of you, Marina! I'd love to adopt her for my son.

MishC said...

She is beautiful and if the 18 months is accurate, she is just about the age of my daughter for whom I have been searching for a Bamboletta.

Susan said...

I Just love her eyes and everything about her. She has a unique look. Would love to adopt her. I do have another adoption coming and am concerned she may be lonely. She would be loved and cared for. Will appreciate you consideration.
Thank you,

Cassandra A. said...

We would love to give Kaisa a good home.
Our daughter and son would love her to bits.
She has her own bed waiting for her, a doll cradle past down a few generations. She probally will also at one point wear glasses too since my daughter has been wearing glasses since she was 6 months old!
Kaisa will be our first Bamboletta doll.
Thank you for this chance.

Anonymous said...

From your home to ours....love your generous spirit. I know she would be deeply loved in our home. It would be perfectly timed for our little one's 3rd birthday.

Peace to you!
We have a Bamboletta...don't want to say we don't. So if that disqualifies us, I understand...but if not, we'd love it!

Simple Mama said...

Oh Marina - she's beautiful. I know this must have been a difficult decision for you.

I would love to be entered. I would play with her more than my son, I'm sure as he's into animals right now, but I've been trying to purchase a Bamboletta for over a year now. :) We would love her all the more knowing she came from your house.

Kelli said...

Thanks for giving "newbies" a chance! How very kind of you!

Patricia said...

Kaisa would be our first Bamboletta and loved by all four of my little people. My oldest has similar hair and eyes and is always! barefoot. Much slinging, (I made some for my children to use) tree climbing, hugs, kisses and love await her. Thank you for your generous adoption opportunity!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to adopt :-) Very sweet of you! My soon-to-be 2 year old daughter (and our entire household!) is still Bambo-less and we would love her if we were lucky enough to get her!

Ivona said...

Marina, thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt Kaisa. I have three beautiful children and we do not own Bamboletta doll yet. I would give Kaisa to my daughter Sara, who's birthday is coming up. Recently she received two Barbie dolls from well meaning friend and now I am looking for that perfect doll that would replace them. I have a feeling that Kaisa has that magic in her that no child (and no adult:-) would be able to resist. I promise that we would keep her safe and let you know how she's doing :-)(I apologize for any grammar mistakes, English is my second language.)

Anonymous said...

To love and be loved is all one can ask. I assure you as my little granddaughter's first she would be cherished forever.

amiewargo said...

This is such a swwet thing for you to do! We are a family in NEPA that has been trying for a Bambo for the last couple months without luck and now it seems everytime there is an upload I am at work without internet access :(

Thanks Again you truely a Bambo Angel!

Wargo Family

CupCakeCutie said...

oh my gosh she looks just like my daughter!!!

Anonymous said...

Who was the lucky new momma for Kaisa???

Anonymous said...

She is beautifull!