Monday, March 22, 2010


It's been a tough stretch here this past week. Ivan has had a lot of stress at work, and was gone the past few days caring for his mother. This morning I just lost it and sobbed. The exhaustion of taking care of my beautiful, exasperating little boys... trying to keep a house clean... the relief of having our family all together this morning and finally having some time alone just opened the floodgates of tears and pent-up frustration...

I feel cleansed and want to think about the things that make me happy... won't you join me?

Sunday morning at the farmers market with the boys

freesias on the windowsill

Luca Bean's smile

the dress made from a vintage embroidered pillowcase on Andrea's doll

...and Hillary's invitation to root down and reclaim the feeling of being one with nature

What is making you happy today :) ?



Stunning photographs. I adore that top one of your boy at the market. Soo beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

such lovely photos and thoughts.

:the baby *girl* growing inside me:

:the sunshine we've had the last two days:

:playing Scategories with my husband last night:

:new books that are so great to read:

nicola@which name? said...

i have been thinking of you all morning. i drove past your house (well, as close as one can get) and saw your car. huge hugs. i understand. off to email you.
Which Name?

Joy said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough week. I love the shots of your boys, as always; they're adorable. It looks like a lovely spring weekend. (((hugs)))

Traumkraut said...

... very beautiful pictures, dear Marina.

Of course you can "steal" "my" "idea"... well actually it's not my idea. I saw some little dinos and little dolls or bunnies living in a felted easter egg... and I thought, well... why not put one of my fairies in such an egg :-)

Happy felting and crafting to you ;-)


Lisa said...

the sun shining, the kids doing their math and writing outside, the radio turned up in the kitchen while my husband makes lunch... and seeing your adorable boys!!

happy spring

Prettydreamer said...

What a beautiful post ... warmest wishes. ~Pamela

Lisa said...

I hope this week is a better one. Those boys are just the cutest. Great photos!

Jessica said...

That first photo is priceless!

Nicole Spring said...

Ah my dear friend, I wish I had known to call you, darn it! I hope things are turning around now. Just think of chickens, bees, our village, cute bonnets... all of those goodies. I am here if you need me (even though I know I stink at answering my phone but I will have it on me, I swear!). Keep sharing your beautiful photos of the cutest boys I know!!!

Earth Mama said...

reading this post, listening to my children play, feeling the sun's warmth, knowing their are seeds that will be sprouting in the garden


Heather said...

Those rough weeks that bring us to edge, they are normally the ones that finally help us to make the shift in life that we really need most.

Happiness has been knowing that will be there for me when I truly need them, Nothing in life could make me happier.

Thank you for the reminder to stay as close as possible to the things that bring true joy

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Marina, Thank you for sharing you happy moments. I hope you have been having many more.
Happy new spring season to you and your sweet little family!

Anonymous said...

I love how a nice good cry can provide such relief.
I love the repurposed fabric as a doll dress! I also love the bare feet!

Things that are making me happy:
renewed energy
the return of the sun
the coming full moon (and subsequent celebration)
plants in the garden
laughter of my child
and my bruise on my left hip from sliding down a slide too fast yesterday as I was being chased on the playground :).