Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Postcard from Crystal Cove Beach

Crystal Cove
ahhh... summer vacation... a few stolen days on a beach named Crystal Cove

There's time to explore the tide pools

hang 10 on a driftwood seesaw

or stare at the sunset

Our cottage on the beach, called the Dive Shack
The Dive Shack

What a fun place to stay!

the view that Luca and I shared while napping on the couch
view from the couch

a dive helmet kept watch overhead
Dive Helmet

a sleeping loft for our little boys to play pirate

buoys hung from stairs

and some clever boys who had stayed there before us left a very fun scavenger hunt in the guest journal

I spent the quiet, early morning hours on the deck overlooking the ocean with my comfort quilt and a very treasured book
Gift From The Sea

While we were there, our big boy Matteo turned 5!

Happy Birthday, My Love!

It was such a lovely, magical way to spend these last days of summer...

Wishing you warmth, light and love


Jenne said...

Aaah! Dying here! Marina, those photos are FABULOUS!!! It looks like it was such a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it. I hope I can make it down there next year.

Annie said...

What a fun place to stay! All your photos are beautiful and it looks like your boys had a great time :)

Jen said...

What a precious vacation! Happy birthday, Matteo!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, big boy!!! What an amazing place to enjoy being together. Makes me want to head out to the beach! I can see beautiful memories being made in your photos.

Stacy said...

Dreamy! What a wonderful way to spend the end of August.

boatbaby said...

What a dreamy spot! And I also love that book. Happy Birthday Matteo! We had that 5 Robin Hood too. And i LOVE that crown - did you make it?

Anonymous said...

Love the Dive Shack...what a treasure for you pirates and what a memorable way to celebrate 5. Happy Birthday!

momma rae said...

gorgeous post! what a lovely place to stay! love the first photo, your new banner and that stunning crown. ;)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Matteo!! Ohhh, what a lovely spot--so, so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful! How did you ever manage to head back to real life???

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Marina, Beautiful! So glad you had such a lovely time. Love the beach theme of the shack and that Matteo's birthday items followed you there! Glad I got to talk with you before I jetted off.
Hugs, Nicola

Heather said...

So So sweet Marina, what a wonderful spot to enjoy the warmth left in summer. Happy birthday to Matteo

Simple Mama said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time. Miss you my friend. Seems we haven't had much of a chance to catch up as of late. Blessings.

Dawn said...

I love your photography! That first picture of the beach really does look like a postcard...one that I would frame. What a beautiful cottage!

earthboysblog said...

Your little Nico looks like he's enjoying his days! Your photos are beautiful.
I especially love the photo of your two sons embracing one another - we have many of these special moments in our home.
My husband loves lofts, a charming little place you have with exquisite views.