Wednesday, November 25, 2009


*My brother made this really incredible video of our afternoon, I wanted to share!*

For the lovely, sun-lit day spent with family

For my sweet, funny boys who melt my heart and shower me with hugs and kisses

For my husband who is the heart and rock of our home

For my parents who though I am grown with children of my own, make me feel cared for and constantly remind me that I am a daughter who is loved

For my brother who reminded me today how much he loves me through his beautiful work

For my friends who support me and make me laugh when life seems too serious to be funny

For all of you for just always being present and caring...

I give thanks and gratitude

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving To You All

With Love,


Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

I saw you taking pics in the video and wondered if they would be on here and YAY they are!!! I am tempted to wake up the girls right now and have them watch that.. must.wait.til.morning.
Anyways, thank YOU for being so amazing and such a wonderful soul. I feel blessed for knowing you <3

Daniela said...

Happy thanksgiving :) form Italy!

Stacy said...

That was great. What a treat to see your boys in action. :)

nicola@which name? said...

beautiful boys, beautiful family, beautiful post, and beautiful video. thank you for sharing! even lala watched...twice! love your new header, too.

Kelly and Kelly said...

happy thanksgiving!