Friday, July 31, 2009

Over The Hill, To Grandmother's House, We Go!

We're off this weekend up the California Coast to Ivan's Grandparent's house!

Packing up now, but wanted to share the Good Folks mama quilt and Wren tote I've been staying up late the past few nights to make. I'm naming the quilt the "mama quilt" for the simple reasons that 1) this mama made it in the rare few hours that she has, so it's a simple patchwork of 9" squares and 2) it's the only pink thing in this house of boys and it's MINE :D!

For the tote, I bought the Anna Marie Horner Drawing Room fabric a few weeks ago and had been agonizing what to do with it, but decided last night at midnight that I should just make something with it or it will sit in my stash forever. It's my first bag, so no close-up pics- wouldn't want anyone to see the sketchy 1AM stitching and all :).

I'm bringing some yummy 3 Irish Girls yarn and knitting needles (since sewing machines don't travel well and Ivan's grandmother not only is the family matriarch, but the source of all things lovely and crafty and may share a tip or three with me), chick lit and a book I've been waiting forever for from the library... The Last Child In the Woods

I received the sweetest package this week from Nicole! Lillpoh magazines and this ever so precious knitted heart! What a lovely gift that is coming with me for inspiration! Thank You!
Ivan is chomping at the bit to get back on the computer so he can finish up his day and we can leave...

Wishing everyone a GREAT weekend!

Much Love, Marina


Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Aww, yay! I am so honored my little heart is coming with you for inspiration!! <3

I am in LOVE with your quilt and bag!!!! Oh my goodness!! I want one of each *drool* *drool* *drool* They are beautiful and the fabrics - yum,yum!! Especially the bird *swoon*
Ok, I'll stop with my obsessive love of your items now. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful little mini vacation, you deserve it! Take lots of pics!!!

cat said...

ummm...can i have the quilt? hahaha it's beautiful and i'm coveting anna's fabric selections!! yikes!! hehe

have a great trip my dear..xoxo

nicola said...

oh, marina, just beautiful. i could learn a thing or ten from you. and you are in the good folks mama mode, too, eh? it is pretty stuff!
have a wonderful trip. sounds like a lovely destination!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Have a great weekend and a safe trip! I love the quilt and your bag, the fabrics are fabulous!! : )

Jen said...

Gorgeous quilt and bag! Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work, Mama! Would this be Grandma's house practically at our place?? Once life settles down for us, let's not forget to meet up there, k?!? By then, you'll be teaching me to knit!! ;-) Enjoy, friend.

mamaUK said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Your photos are lovely :-)

gardenmama said...

*gorgeous* quilt mama! and I love that it is pink and "all yours" : ) what a sweet gift! Enjoy your time away may you return with many fabulous new crafty tips! Great books too by the way : )

renee said...

Beautiful quilt! And I love the bird on the bag. Wish I was headed to the California coast. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your pink quilt, and the tote (I find that sketchy night stitching just add some real uniqueness:)).