Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP Wednesday- A Few Finished Things

"look at my chompers!"

As I was sorting through our MOUNDS of baby clothes, I found this adorable baby bunting that both Matteo and Nico had worn during the cold weather months. Luca was too small to where it this past winter and will be too big for it in a few months, but I hated the thought of letting it go...

So I took it apart at the seams and separated the quilted lining and left the patchwork body intact. I removed the sleeves, learned how to sew the zipper back on, reattached the hood (because don't all baby sun suits need a cute hood?) and now Luca has a new summer outfit!

Matteo's birthday projects were on hold this week since I was waiting for a few notions to arrive (good thing I started this stuff 8 weeks in advance, right?). But a friend of his had a birthday party this weekend and I had an opportunity to sew with PINK! and FLOWERS!

Matteo did some watercolor painting and I had a picture of his friend for a little handmade birthday card goodness :)

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement yesterday! Matteo ended up getting sick (nothing major, just a fever) and it was a blessing in disguise as we could all spend the day hanging out in PJ's... I appreciated everyone's suggestions and feel like I've been given the OK to just be...

Love and Light, Marina


nicola said...

beautiful crown!!!
i just finished two crowns for friends (simpler than yours!). seems to be the gift of the year from us.
and i am so impressed with your refashion of the winter suit. so cute. luca (god, i love your boys' names, but we already talked about that) has grown so much since i met him!

Lisa said...

The crown and watercolor are lovey! I also love what you did with the bunting! Great idea!

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

luca's summer outfit is so cute! and look at those teeth!! <3
i'm sorry i am so behind! and i'm sorry for the craziness you've been going through! :( i know how you feel, though. i think everyone goes through it. i wish i had more to say *big hugs*

cat said...

oh i love the crafts you have been finishing! it's all so wonderful..:) the crown is too cute and inspires me to get on it with xiola's for her birthday in september!

my darling friend, i also received the most heartfelt package today in the mail that brought happy tears to my eyes. you are so amazingly sweet and too good to be true. i adore you my friend and look forward to having tea for real one day! oh, and with our extended growing season, i can start some of the seeds for the fall....*smooch*

love you lady and thank you soooooo much...:) hug those babies for me and keep some for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Positively brilliant, Mama! LOVE the new outfit and that amazing smile! What a cutie little crown! So glad you're finding time to craft amidst your busy days. Hugs and love to you all!!

Miri said...

that summer outfit is BRILLIANT! that is SUCH a clever idea!!!!
& the crown,wow!