Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WIP Wednesday- Bounty!

Today, my mom and I had one of the best afternoons we've had together in a long time! Now that I've been sewing more, she wanted to share with me some of the bounty of her fabric stash (see above).

My mom has been sewing for over 50 years. When I was a child some of my most vivid memories of my mom was watching her sew in her little corner of the living room while I played with her spools of thread. She used to make all of my clothes which I thought was soooo uncool at the time, but now of course I wish I still had those adorable handmade outfits. I don't remember her ever giving me a formal sewing lesson, but I realize now that I must have picked up a lot from watching her as a lot of the sewing I'm doing seems to come naturally... unlike some other craft hobbies (yes, I am talking to you, darn circular needles!)

...back to her crazy stash... my mom is also a hardcore yard sale shopper. Over the past few months, she has come across 3 yard sales with HUGE amounts of fabrics for sale. It was sad that these fabrics had come up for sale due to the passing away of a family member who sewed. My mom confessed to me that it made her glad that she could share her fabric with me while she is still alive and can see me enjoy and create something with it. Of course, that's not the kind of thing I like to think about, so I just enjoyed the time spent with her today going through boxes and boxes of fabric chatting about what had been made with this and what could be made with that, knowing that this time with her is precious and fleeting.

She also pulled out the boxes of her patterns, and oh my goodness- many of the patterns were from when I was a little girl! It was one of the few times I wished I had a little girl of my own to sew for. Luckily there were a few sailor suits and cowboys shirt patterns that my boys will be hopefully sporting in the future ;}

Anyway, this is WIP Wednesday so I thought I'd share my first completed birthday project! I finished the bunting for Matteo's birthday. I was thrilled that it was so easy to do in the little increments of time that I had to do it.

I cut the birthday crown tonight and am figuring out the designs that I am going to applique and embroider onto it.

Thanks so much everyone for your encouragement and indulgence as I am surfing this crazy crafting wave!
I'd love to hear how you found your crafting calling and what form it takes for you...

Warmly and Craftily Yours,


Anonymous said...

How wonderful - the stash, the patterns, the bunting and crown in process!!! I have an aunt who got all the craft genes in the family. Sadly, my Mom got none, hence my challenges in this department. :-)

cat said...

i love it all! i made buntings for lola's birthday a couple years ago and we still use them..:) and how cool to have your mom so into crafting with you!!! love it all my friend..:)

naomi said...

I got my calling when pregnant with my first to learn to knit, but no one in my family is very crafty. Now I am onto my second and can knit, crochet and sort of sew simple garments, which makes me so so happy. Thankyou library books!

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

oh wow! i would be so thrilled! my mom reminded me of an entire hope chest filled with my grandma's fabric throw away... *chills* i wish i could have gotten it!!
anyways, the bunting is so cute! i have been meaning to make one. maybe for k's birthday this year.. *sigh* ok maybe next year since we'll be in temporary housing this year. anyways.. rambling...
the crown is looking so cute so far!!