Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday- Crowns, Royal Robes and a Little Selfish Crafting...

Happy Work In Progress Wednesday!

This week I decided to throw in a little crafty something for myself. I fell in love with this trim at the fabric store last week and bought it without anything specific in mind. My new momagenda just arrived and I'm thinking about making a little cover for it. Nothing like making your planner a little prettier to motivate you to use it more :)!

Work on Matteo's birthday crown continues at a glacial pace, which I actually am enjoying quite a bit. It's a real treat to work slowly, meditate over what I'd like to put on there and use the little pockets of time I have to do a little stitching here and there. One morning this week I went over to a friend's house so we could work on our boys crowns together (her son's birthday is coming up as well) and it was SO fun to craft with a friend! I imagine it was like the quilting bees of old where women gathered and crafted in fellowship :). So far, I've just embroidered an "M" and sewed on a few leaf buttons. I'm trying to decide which fabric to use over the elastic on the back of the crown- brown w/red mushrooms or brown with polka dots... what do you all think?

Crazy picture, right? That's me at an old college semi formal 20 (YIKES- Holy Badly Permed Hair Batman!!) years ago! It's here because I found some use for the midnight blue velvet dress I was wearing... a royal cape for Matteo! I ripped the seams out of the bottom half of the dress and used the skirt for the cape. There was some metallic trim and gold braid in my scrap box (Yay me for finally cleaning out my craft area so I could find these treasures!) and I'm adding on a gold braid frog closure for the front. I am LOVING that this dress is getting a second life!

So crafting is moving along happily over here and am hoping that my motivation continues...

Thanks everyone for helping me keep this creativity train a'movin!


jumbleberryjam said...

So much awesomeness here! LOVE the photo and the future for that dress. Brilliant work, Mama! :-)

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

everything looks so great!! he is going to be sooo thrilled!! i love love love that photo of you!! tee hee :P oh the 80s
yawn back to my mini mittens..

nicola said...

marina! i had not idea you had a blog! liz just sent me the link with a note saying "you two are clearly kindred spirits!" your blog is lovely and your header is just beautiful! i have added it to my blog reader.
sounds like a play date for next thursday. in the meantime, part of my small tribe is off to visit my grandmother!
oh! and i love your crown! i have been making these right and left and in the spirit of fairness, i have kept them ALL super simple, since the first two i made, for my kids, were super simple. i should just embellish theirs and start getting fancy with everyone elses!
be well!

cat said...

oh my dear...i LOVE that photo..haha! nice..;) always great when something from the past can really be re-purposed into another well loved item...:)

love the trim!!! i need to get back to my crafting...i've been trying to keep my gardens alive and take care of a gaggle of children, but my bones are telling me it's time..

love you lady!

calynde said...

I went through a big hair phase myself I'm afraid...hehe